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Since I've now sold the T37, and have completed two Star 45's (well... one Star 45 and one Salish 475) , I thought it would be a good time to end these two blogs and focus on one generic RC Sailboat blog where I could post any new RC sailboat projects. Please check out . Or use the older address at . So with that, I'm officially signing off! Peace!
Recent posts

T37 RC Sailboat for Sale (and SAIL)!

Sold! Hopefully you racers in the Port Ludlow area will be seeing T37 2073 around at a few of your regattas soon. I wish her luck! Time to make room for my other hobbies, so while I hate to do it I must sell my original Tippecanoe T37 Racing RC Sailboat! Asking price: $875 or Best Offer .   A new T37 racing kit from Tippecanoe Boats is currently listed at $386, and a finished boat built by Tippecanoe will cost you $1425 ($1,560 plus tax) NOT including the racing upgrades. This boat is as high quality as a factory built boat but with the racing upgrades and with custom refinements. It weighs just over 4.5 lbs and has a custom fir & mahogany deck as well as many other custom features. Looks great and sails great. A completed boat by Tippecanoe will have a stock deck, stock rudder design, and will most likely show wood grain. This boat has a very expensive epoxy wood filler on the hull and is painted in durable epoxy paints. It has been raced and has had a few minor repair

New Star 45x "experimental" RC Sailboat in progress

Hi everyone, I know that this blog is mostly for T37 sailboat building and sailing, but I'm also very into Star 45 RC sailboats too and wanted to let you know about a new boat I'm fiddling with. I built a normal Star 45 last year and at the same time wrote a complete instruction manual for building the Star 45. This year I'm making my second Star but wanted to update the look somewhat. The Star 45 is a very classic and beautiful design from the 1950's. I'm hoping to make a boat that looks a bit more modern and similar to an offshore racing yacht. I'm calling a Star 45x for now but might change the name once I settle on an overall length. I've made some changes to the frames and such. Check out my progress on my Star 45 blog ! Aloha!

Changed my transmitter to a Spektrum DX6i with expo on the rudder

Well I'm getting a little better at racing. Still not winning any races but I'm slowly, very slowly, improving. One thing I've noticed is that I'm too erratic when driving the T37. On my Star 45 I am using a Spektrum DX6i transmitter and have adjusted the expo setting on it to make the sensitivity on the rudder much less. The Hobby King transmitter that came with the T37 doesn't have that option so I went out today and bought a Spektrum  receiver and set it up on my T37. I can use the same radio that I use on the Star 45 RC sailboat too. This way I can use expo and get really used to one radio instead of switching back and forth between two. Aloha!  

Great day at the "Learn to sail your T37" clinic!

Had a fun day today at the PNMYC "Learn To Sail Your T37" clinic. This was the 4th year they've run it and it is a lot of fun! Hopefully those of you who have thought about getting a T37 will get going on one and join us soon. Fair winds!

Learn to Sail Your T37 Clinic! Nov. 8th, 2014 at 10am!

I hope all you new T37 sailors can come out to the "Learn To Sail Your T37" clinic this coming Saturday, November 8th, 2014 at 10am. It will be held at the Center for Wooden Boats and the Seattle Model Boat Pond. I went last year and it was great fun. An hour or so of clinic stuff with building advice and racing tips, then out to the pond for an hour or two of testing out boats and perhaps some low-key races. I'll have my boat there and hopefully many others will have their boats there too for you to try. Peace!

T37 Regionals was a blast... literally!

Went to the T37 Regionals race yesterday at the Seattle Yacht Club. Huge, swirreling winds and lots of blow-downs and damage. My boat had two issues and I ended up having to pull out after the third race. They cancelled after 4 I think. Oh well. The good news is that most of the boats did well and the damage was easily fixed. My boat is back up and running today and I'm looking forward to the next race!